Green Electric Tour of Florence

As part of the project "CLEAN", financed by Ernest . European Research Network on Sustainable Tourism - Joint Call 2010, Regione Toscana, Generalitat de Catalunya, Cictourgune - Regione Basca, aimed at promoting the use of alternative solutions for getting around in an urban context characterized by heavy flow of tourism and to analyze the impact on the territory and on the environment, the Hotel Athenaeum, together with four other Florentine Hotels has been provided with "SMART" electric cars in which sophisticated apparatus will be installed for environmental monitoring.

By means of this analysis, it will be possible to trace a map of the movements of the tourists and, thereby, gather information useful for aiding in the evolution of products and services for tourism within a sustainable frame.

The concept of sustainable tourism is, indeed, of fundamental importance in the European context because it allows a view of the referenced sector over a long period of time, taking into consideration both the social and environmental factors and the competitivity of the tourist-related businesses. If the related businesses agree on the programs of research and development, allowing for the creation of an innovative offering plan, a competitive profit can be derived and can become the principal motor of the sector.

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